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* Last man standing \ Destroy everything!
* You can choose between 3 classes: Enforcer, Dronemancer and Stalker.
* Fully customizable weapons and grenades.
* Can choose to have +1, +2, +3% chance to crit damage for single attack.
* Destory everything!
* Fast games with not much strategy or decision making involved, but a hefty dose of luck and awesome power up!
I really hope to learn from you to make this game even more awesome, so no rants, comments or criticisms are necessary
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Thanks for your time! 🙂

Welcome to the first installment in our Free Game of the Week series. This month, we’re giving you Flame of the West, an action-packed, free one-player level shooter with plenty of monsters, secrets, and hidden treasures.
Flame of the West is a one-player, action shooter dungeon crawl, where your goal is to navigate the perilous dungeons and brave the countless perils to take on a malicious guardian horde. Prefer to adventure alone? That’s cool, too.
Flame of the West is designed to be played from beginning to end. You can try it, or just give it a quick spin as a stand-alone game, to see if you’re up for the challenge.
PLEASE NOTE: This game is intended for free, one-player, solo play, and NOT for competitive, multiplayer tournaments. There are no online features.
== AVAILABLE OS: Windows XP and later ==
== RELEASE DATE: ~ January 3rd 2016 ==
== VS : $$WINDOWS$$ ===
== VS : $$MACINTOSH$$ ===
== VS : $$LINUX$$ ===
You can run a game without installer, but it will not be free. You will need an admin account for that.
* Some may get this font issue. Just increase the font scale.
This is the first installment of the week. Hopefully, we will do more and bigger stuff.
Have fun!

A tiny slice of afterlife for you to see what you will be spending eternity here


AI Stories Features Key:

  • ?? Beautiful view of the dark world
  • A dark interactive story about sexuality
  • There are many puzzles to solve
  • Explore multiple endings
  • Powerful graphics and high resolution (HD)
  • Completely voice-acted
  • One of the best voice direction I’ve ever found in a Japanese game
  • ?????? – Flow?????? – Flow – Game Key features:

    • ??? Flow?? – A poetic tale about love, life and death.
    • Multiple endings
    • Beautiful and breathtaking graphics (HD)
    • Distinctive and reactive characters.
    • Many puzzles, some of which are very interesting.
    • Many moral situations that you’ll have to puzzle out.
    • One of the best voice direction I’ve ever found in a Japanese game.

    ?????? – Grass?? – Grass – Game Key features:

    • ??? Grass?? – Game with a social theme – Relationship, friendship and communication.
    • Various scenarios.
    • One of the most well-written and most beautiful scenes I’ve read about Japan ever. A value in itself.
    • The character is defined by his actions and voice, his story doesn’t suck. The story is the best I ever read in a Japanese game.
    • An absolutely original idea. A true masterpiece.
    • A well-written and deeply interesting experience. A total success.
    • The funniest one in history about Japan.
    • Really, the most exceptional game I’ve ever read in a Japanese game.
    • One of the greatest games ever made.
    • Literary value.

    ??????? – Faustfelix??? – Faustfelix – Game Key features:

    • ??? Faustfelix??? – An experience about what could be called “true sexuality


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      You wake up in a cell. You don’t know how you got there or what is going on. You can’t remember anything, just a strange taste on your tongue. Your body is covered in strange tattoos. You need to find out what is going on. Will you answer their questions to survive?

      A new narrative adventure game for PC. Become a fallen angel (or demon) in this multi-award-winning game that combines a cerebral puzzle-solving experience and deep characterization with a fun and epic world.

      Inspired by real folklore, Evil Within will hook you from the beginning. Immerse yourself in a vast city and be surrounded by a myriad of terrifying and deadly creatures. Here, your choices weigh on the fate of our hero. Will he be the hero you wish for, or the villain you fear?

      About the Game
      Betrayal is a first-person psychological horror game, where you are a secret service agent in a fight for survival. You are in a dream world where everyone has a secret, but when the nightmares begin, the world begins to fall apart.

      Begin your journey as a rookie agent of SHADOW, and find out what happened to your fellow agents. With some of them dead, some missing, and others arrested, you will have to decide whether to follow the order or go your own way.

      You play as one of six playable characters, using violence or non-violence to fight for survival.

      The game world will not only change, but will also affect the gameplay. Even if you choose to go along the side of law, the game world will be a hostile and violent place.

      “The journey you’re about to take is a dark one, a hard one. Do it if you can.”

      Red Dead Redemption is an action-adventure Western video game that was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on October 26, 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and released on June 7, 2011 for Microsoft Windows.

      Red Dead Redemption (2010), also known as Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, is a horror-themed action-adventure Western video game in which players control Arthur Morgan, a former gunslinger and member of the Van der Linde gang. The game follows his exploits two years after the events of the preceding game, Red Dead Redemption, although some events take place during the events of the original game.

      The game


      AI Stories Crack + [Latest-2022]

      Release date:…

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      magrunner is really darn cool!

      with games such as dark pulse the future of gaming is finally approaching.

      – 3D – realistic graphics – interaction – a compelling storyline.

      and what’s even cooler is they recently released magrunner for mac without breaking a sweat.

      but sadly (at least in my opinions) it’s Mac only!

      Mac Devs/Retailers:

      Please! I beg you! I want to play magrunner on my mac! I’ll pay good money for it. and your games would make me a happy chappy.

      and fellow mac users: yes! we want magrunner! and we want it NOW! please make that game available to us on our platform.

      I would really like to see a PC port of magrunner as well. Or a Mac port for that matter.

      I would really like to see a PC port of magrunner as well. Or a Mac port for that matter.

      Yeah, I wonder when they’ll address the Mac side.

      Mac Devs/Retailers:

      Please! I beg you! I want to play magrunner on my mac! I’ll pay good money for it. and your games would make me a happy chappy.

      and fellow mac users: yes! we want magrunner! and we want it NOW! please make that game available to us on our platform.

      Nvidia, take note: I’m buying a Mac Pro just so I can play this game. 😉


      I have a Mac, and would buy it, but I just wish it was a universal app. If I had to buy it again, I would buy it.

      You can install it using a normal old app bundle of a bunch of apps you already have. It just takes some time and maybe a bit of patience.


      Yeah, I wonder when they’ll address the Mac side.

      Mac Devs/Retailers:

      Please! I beg you! I want to play magrunner on my mac! I’ll pay good money for it. and your games would make me a happy chappy.

      and fellow mac users: yes! we want magrunner! and we want it NOW! please make that game available to us on our platform.


      What’s new:

        l Fan Club,

        Check out this Crafty Blog~ It has interesting tidbits of info on my art….they even have a giant Pawl display on the website..I think they like my stuff. You will be seeing more of it eventually…..

        Also check out Randy’s Mini-Moons…..very unique work, and fun to watch people try to guess what it is….

        Here is a link to a small amount of Pawl-Sculpture on Ebay…that I am becoming enamored with. Check out my Flickr Photos for some Pawl work (as you can see we use the term Pawl a Lot, I just LOVE Pawls! =)

        I have been on a little thing called mommy-dom. Brain is in full blown “freak out” mode today. Potty-trained, bathed, breakfast done, and dressed….what the what?!?!? All this “daycare” with a 3 year old is a little intense. But I have to say the switch from work to home has made a huge difference in my day. If I were able to buy a personal assistant to help me raise kids this easily….I would!!!

        But the kids usually have a nap…and then before I knew it the Baby Who Makes All the Noise:) was in our room with the only woman who will be around to listen to her screams after she hears that cheesy “bedtime song”….She usually simply tells me to go poop myself. But today the ancient bag of evil came out (why does it ALWAYS come out that night?) and I had to tell her to calm down as she was making a HUGE racket. “Oh, we have an octopus down there!” I tried to explain. “You know, the ones that bite you and suck your blood?! Why did I have to have an octopus in there!?” I could hear her start to hyperventilate right there in the bathroom. And I leaned over and bent my head trying to comfort her. Finally, her fear subsided enough for a good calm down. Thanks to my friends at OB consultants, “octopuses are nothing to worry about!” I have found out their roots are in the cephalopod family…hope this helps calm her fears down. They aren’t fishy and usually come out on cold or rainy days. But the two humans in the house


        Free Download AI Stories (Final 2022)

        ThreatGEN: Red vs. Blue is an educational cyber security game developed by 5 cybersecurity professionals and published by Krieger Gaming.
        Since 2013, more than 1000 people have volunteered their time and effort to help design, develop, build, and test our game.
        Please do not support this game by buying plugins or in-game items. You are the reason we need to make money to create new games like this one, and we would not be able to create them otherwise.
        It might take a while for players to download this game due to the sheer number of files we have!
        We know it takes a long time to download, but it’s worth it.
        We are committed to providing support for our games over time, so feel free to reach out to us if you need any help or feedback as we continue to develop and refine our games. If you have any suggestions, questions, ideas, or feedback, we would love to hear from you!
        (WARNING: Content in this game might be offensive or difficult for very young players.)
        Play This Game for Real. Learn Real-World Cybersecurity Concepts and Strategies:
        ThreatGEN: Red vs. Blue is a game-based cybersecurity simulator designed for educational purposes. It is meant to help gamers of any age learn and practice real-world cybersecurity concepts and strategy.
        While the game is challenging, and you may be tempted to “cheat” – you will not gain any benefit from doing so. A game like this is designed to give players a realistic, but still challenging, environment where they can learn to think like a hacker. It will put the player into the shoes of the hacker.
        Great for learning:
        Strategic planning
        Network connectivity and acquisition
        Network reconnaissance
        Local and remote infrastructure
        Documentation and red team operations
        Cross-platform multi-player
        Local hot seat and internet multiplayer
        Hackers and Defenders:
        Play as the red team, and learn what it is like to be a hacker.
        Play as the blue team and learn what it is like to be a defender.
        Choose your role
        You may play as the red or blue team.
        (Warning: The game will not play out exactly as pictured in the game images unless you select the “Red Team” experience.)
        Become a hacker:
        – Learn real-world cyber security concepts and strategies
        – Practice penetration testing and ethical hacking
        Become a defender:
        – Learn real-world cybersecurity controls, technology, and mechanisms
        – Practice system


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