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The popularity of AutoCAD has made it the most widely used commercial CAD application worldwide. It is used by businesses and by engineers and architects for the creation of architectural design drawings. AutoCAD is a dominant force in the CAD industry, with revenues of approximately $900 million.


With a name that translates as “automatic drafting”, AutoCAD began as a collaboration between a mathematician and a software engineer. The two men, Jerome L. Bowman (later the company’s CEO) and Ed Weiler, developed a new technology for constructing, editing, and outputting geometric diagrams. This technology used a two-dimensional (2D) coordinate system to create a digital image, which could be manipulated, saved, and printed using special plotters.

AutoCAD’s roots also stretch back to 1972, when Bowman and Weiler developed “Contour,” a simple graphics program that would track a cursor’s position as it moved over a geometric diagram. The two men later founded Data Conversions Inc., and in 1974, they completed their first CAD program, “Drafting,” a 2D solid modeling program for the PDP-10. Data Conversions was acquired in 1975 by the Xerox Corporation. In the late 1970s, Bowman and Weiler joined with the famous mathematician John von Neumann and others to found Simplex, Inc., a company dedicated to developing tools for the computer-aided design of 3D objects. The company created a library of predefined geometric shapes, which it provided to its customers.

In 1982, Bowman and Weiler left Simplex to start their own company, Autodesk, Inc. The two founders sold Autodesk, which was originally called Autodesk USA, Inc., to the Silicon Graphics (SGI) Corporation in 1985. Silicon Graphics began developing AutoCAD as a commercial product, and released AutoCAD 1.0 in 1987.

In 1989, a new version of AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2.5, was released. In this version, the design could be rotated and resized using the “spin” tool. The AutoCAD 2.5 interface was more than ten times as fast as the previous version.

In 1996, Autodesk released AutoCAD R14. AutoCAD R14 introduced the ability to create 3D models from architectural drawings and design specifications. The design could be rotated and res

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Create a new project.
Open the Project Properties (right click on the project, select Properties).
Enter “AutoCAD” as a name for this project.
Open the Scheduler tab, and click the “new project” button.
You will be asked to select a project type. Select “Model”.
Enter the name of the new project as “EXAMPLE”.
The default unit for this project is “MILLS”.

File > Import a Drawing.
Go to File > Import, and select “AutoCAD DXF Drawing” as a source.
Check the “Use existing settings” box, select the “AutoCAD DXF Drawing” from the “Other…” list, and click the “Open” button.

File > Save As.
Save this project as “EXAMPLE.dwg”.

File > Load.
Select “AutoCAD DXF Drawing” from the “Open” list, and click the “Open” button.
The dwg file is now loaded into the project.
Note that the name of the dwg file will be displayed in the Project Properties.

File > Reference > Reference Drawing.
Select the dwg file from the “Open” list, and click the “OK” button.
The dwg file is now referenced as a drawing from the current project.
Open the Reference Drawing tab, and drag the main view from the middle of the screen and drop it onto the canvas.
Double-click on the line in the main view that represents the center line of the drawing canvas.
In the status bar, select “add view…”.
A view will be added to the project. Double-click on the newly added view, and set the view as the Main View.
Drag the other view from the middle of the screen, onto the canvas.
Name the view “2.0”.
Double-click on the line in the 2.0 view that represents the center line of the canvas.
In the status bar, select “add view…”.
A view will be added to the project. Double-click on the newly added view, and set the view as the Main View.

File > Save As.
Save this project as “EXAMPLE.dwg”.

File > Edit Feature > Flip Line.
The line in the middle of the canvas is flipped along the horizontal and vertical center lines of the canvas.
Drag a copy of the line from

What’s New in the?

User-defined color controls allow you to fine-tune colors, lighting and shadows in AutoCAD to meet your design and manufacturing standards. They also work with rendering tools like RenderMan and Adobe Acrobat.

Enables you to import multiple DXF files at once and edit the text within imported models as you go. Automatically calculates and assigns the proper DXF layer based on the file type.

A new extensibility framework that supports custom UI styles and controls that can be easily added to your drawings.

Integrates shape accelerator and smart grid technology into Live Autosize, so you can interactively resize a closed shape to any size while viewing it in DraftSight or other 3D applications.

Design Flow:

The free Design Flow app is now available as a native application for iOS and Android devices. Design Flow provides a suite of CAD applications for the creation, review, and sharing of 2D and 3D designs.

Powerful new native tablet app for AutoCAD that uses the Pen, eraser and stylus (with 3D Touch), and seamlessly integrates with existing applications.

New Experience:

An embedded, collaborative tool for annotating and commenting on images. Intuitively use pen and paper to provide real-time feedback to designers during the review of any 3D model. (video: 4:05 min.)

A new look that modernizes the Windows Explorer and File Explorer, and supports new file types for 3D.

The ability to quickly open Autodesk 360 sites and files directly in Autodesk 360 Design Center from the File menu.

3D printing:

Whether you are drafting CAD models or producing 3D printing files, FDM, or SLS printers in the cloud, you can now seamlessly integrate AutoCAD into your workflow.

Start the rendering of any model in the cloud with no license required. Save the rendering for post-processing on your local PC. And the FDM and SLS printer files for your 3D model are conveniently stored in the cloud.

Supports the latest and greatest 3D printer technologies like the Objet Connex5 and Projet N1080.

Smarter painting:

Paint with just a few clicks, no complex tool palettes, and no need to repaint missing segments. Easily repaint in a single click, select the new segments with a simple click and drag, or even create a

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Processor: Intel Core i3-7100 or AMD Phenom II x6-950
Video Card: NVIDIA GT 330M or AMD Radeon HD 5670 or higher
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 35GB HD Space
Additional Notes: You must have Steam running in order to play. The game is not available for Windows Phone, as it does not support HTML5 game play at this time.Meningococcal disease in young adults: effect of pregnancy on outcome.