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What does ‘am’ mean in ‘I’m Amanda’?

What does it mean when the word ‘am’ is used between two names? Like:

I’m Amanda.


I’m in the crew.

I’m struggling to understand what this means.


It’s the girl’s name ‘Amanda’. She’s choosing to use this as a nickname.
She could have used her first name, but that would be confusing, and she knows where she stands.


To use it between two names gives the person one name as a middle name, and the other name as a first name. It was invented as a jocular alternative to a patronymic, because a patronymic forces you to choose a name other than your own, and a patronymic is not necessarily selected by the parents.
We use it in common speech to make the meaning clear, and to remind the listener that the middle name is an abbreviation of the first name. For example:

I’m Joe, known as ‘Dunny’ to some.
I’m Tim, known as ‘Love’ to his wife.
I’m Susan, known as ‘Linda’ to her friends.

It’s also used to refer to the family name in the sense of “The family-name Smiths”; that is a reference to the tradition that the patriarch of the family carried the last name, like John Doe or Richard Roe, and that the youngest son of a family was given the middle name Smith. That is used not to celebrate this tradition, but to remind the listener that it is important that the people to whom we are referring understand who we are referring to.
This comes from Amaryllis or Amy spelled backwards, which was a deliberate construction of a nickname. It came from the custom, shared by the English aristocracy and some other European societies, of giving children a divine name as an early religious education, and then giving the children a nickname, so that when the child grew up they could call each other by their full names. At that point it became part of the family name, and is not used as a nickname.
The most famous case of this was with the poet Tennyson. His parents named him Charles, but when he became a poet they named him Alfred, and

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