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Vivendi shows that they know how to create a good website and a user-friendly interface. If you are looking for a few minutes later, the website cannot be found and your search is still the same.

Users can access the site in one of the following forms:
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Last week, Vivendi decided to create a new website to announce the upcoming title and its release date. In this situation, the owner of the site had to do something to a better effect to provide the user’s experience.

It is clear that the front-end made by Vivendi needs much improvement. It has a good interface and it can easily be accessed from all devices, but the problem is that there is no explanation of what each product of the game is and what will be the game itself.

The lack of explanation is due to a bug in the page. For example, it’s not clear to the user if he can access the site directly (it will be a permanent page, unless removed by the user) or if he has to download it. In addition, Vivendi forgot to add the logo, and the footer is too small.

All in all, I think that this site is ready to be optimized in terms of usability.

It is still very little. Only the side menus have been modified, but from the graphic aspect, I have no complaints.

In addition, the lack of details is not a problem if you know the context of the game, but for those who are not familiar, they will have to look for the information. The same applies to the message: the user would have to search for what the game is about, what the rules are and how to play it.

It is only natural to say that this site is more oriented to the gamers than to the users, and that this means that it will be successful. Vivendi has shown its interest in the direct audiences, and this is a good start. It is also a good reminder that making a good website is not enough, you have to show that you have interest in your fans.

For what it is worth, Vivendi continues to make more projects and applications for smartphones, such as applications for the iPhone and for

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