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Mwisoft D is a small utility that can be used for the task of deleting multiple empty folders at once.
It is usually safe to use as a means of deleting more than one empty folder simultaneously. It features no configuration options, and does not have any moving options. The program does not allow you to assign a shortcut key to it, or display a warning before deleting the items.
Mwisoft D allows you to delete individual files or entire folders
Mwisoft D can be used to delete multiple empty folders in your computer. This means that the program will not only delete empty folders but will also delete files or folders that are not listed in it.
It can be used for direct registry deletion
With this app, you can open your windows registry and delete any empty folders, which is not a straightforward task. Mwisoft D Download Guide:

Save Mwisoft D to your computer
Install or scan the app to your computer
To learn more about the application, check its features and read the manual

After you download the application and install it, launch it and click on the button Install now.
Now scan your computer using the specified target drive.
Mwisoft D will start scanning your computer to find all empty folders and delete them after being successfully found.
You will be warned if there are missing data or if any data is locked.

Now click Start scanning
You need to select at least one folder to scan
Now select the folder you want to delete all empty folders in it.
Now delete all found empty folders using X button.
For example: You can select a big folder and a small folder.
Windows will automatically divide the big folder into 2 small folders for you.
If the folders contain files and folders, they too will be merged.
Once you are done, click OK to confirm.
Mwisoft D will now remove all empty folders from your computer and then quit.

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Mwisoft D Crack Free Download [Latest]

● To remove empty folders from your computer in an efficient manner.
● To clean up all the individual drive partitions and free up some of the disk space.
● It allows you to customize the list of folders you want to empty.
● No unsaved changes are kept when the program exits.
● The application is completely free and does not require installation.
● The application supports searching for multiple empty folders from a specific location.
● This application does not require any additional software installation or configuration.
● This application does not require you to look for help in the documentation.
All the listed features are not available in any other application.

Following are the features that we looked for in a desired utility. If the tool does not match, it is clear that it is not the right product for your requirements.
It should be noted that, i use this tool for almost every major reason and i didn’t found any major feature that makes me change. Don’t forget to use it. You don’t need to look for other software or do manual things. This tool is perfectly streamlined to do all the stuff for you.
Deletes multiple empty folders simultaneously.
Delete particular folders.
It does not require you to do anything manually or compare with other software.
It does not leave any trash behind.
And, it is free of cost.

Pro and Con:

Let me list out a few and also list out what i did before and what i found in this program.


It provides me with the scope to remove multiple empty folders from my computer.
It does not require anything to be installed.
The program does not make any changes into the existing data.
The program does not require us to download any extra third party tools.
It does not require any additional software installation.
It does not require any form of user guidance.
It does not require anything to be compared with other software.


It doesn’t delete empty sub-folders.
It doesn’t support searching for multiple empty folders.
It does not provide help documentation.

Mwisoft D Download:

I will tell you how to download this tool to your computer. This process is pretty much simple and straight forward and does not require too much of your time.


Open your preferred browser and access the Mwisoft official website.
Simply click the download link and wait until the download completes.

Mwisoft D Crack+ Activation Code With Keygen Latest

Mwisoft D is a simple and easy to use software for cleaning empty folders. It can easily delete files, empty directories or both. You can easily select one or multiple folders, and Mwisoft D will help you to identify files and folders matching to your selection criteria, and delete them. Mwisoft D does not scan for other files or folders, so there is no need for trying to change its settings.
Moreover, this software is lightweight, as it does not leave any data or configuration behind and does not have any intrusive behavior. You can use it safely and without any worries.
It does not need administrator privileges to run
Like all of Mwisoft’s products, Mwisoft D does not require any administrator rights for running. It is simple, quick and easy to use.
Freely available and available for download for Windows 10
Mwisoft D is available for download for free, and it is also 100% virus free. It does not even require installation, as it just needs to be launched from a web browser. The application runs on Windows 10, as it already comes pre-installed on the newest computers by Microsoft.
The only requirement is Internet access.
Easy to use interface
As Mwisoft D does not leave any settings behind, there is no need to make any lengthy configuration prior to running the application. The application is very easy to use, as there is no other configuration to perform in order to effectively use it.
The main window displays the current version of the software, the location you want to scan and a preview of the content you want to delete.
Can detect empty directories
This software can detect empty directories of any depth, as it does not require any specific settings.
Quick and simple
Mwisoft D is a fast, easy to use and lightweight software for cleaning empty folders on your computer. It does not require any administrator rights, as it does not leave any lingering configuration behind.
There is no installation required
As Mwisoft D does not need any installation, you can just launch it from a web browser.
Easy to use and compatible with all operating systems
Mwisoft D can be installed on all computers running Windows 10 and higher.
D. can delete files and empty folders
Since Mwisoft D allows you to delete files and empty folders, you can run the application to effectively clean your hard

What’s New In Mwisoft D?

Mwisoft D is a software utility that removes multiple empty folders from your computer simultaneously.
If you are on a tight budget, you probably search for cheap software solutions to accomplish various tasks like this one.
With Mwisoft D you need to launch a simple scan of your computer for empty folders and you are done.
Is it not enough? No, because Mwisoft D is much more than this.
The application has a lot of features and this is why it is considered very stable and reliable.
Multiple empty folders can be deleted from your computer with ease
This application can delete multiple empty folders at the same time without you having to adjust anything at all. There is no need to shut down a program, remove anything from your computer or do anything else, you just need to give it a single source of empty folders and it will automatically scan your computer and remove them.
You do not need to choose folders to delete
As its name suggests, Mwisoft D does not require you to choose folders to delete. Instead, it can scan for them automatically.
There is no support for subfolder deletion
Unfortunately, this software does not support subfolder deletion. You will have to manually remove empty folders from their parent folders if this type of operation is of interest to you.
It does not show the deleted folders
After you have completed your scan, the program will display the deleted items on the main window.
No manual configuration option
Mwisoft D provides no configuration menu, window or pane. Instead, you can enter the location of empty folders and you will be taken directly to the main window.
No help documentation available
Mwisoft D does not provide you with any local help documentation. Instead, you will have to consult external websites for this purpose.
So what are the problems with this application?
Like many other software applications, this one is not entirely flawless and there are some problems that Mwisoft D has to deal with.
For example, there are no subfolder deletion options. If you want to delete all empty folders inside a subfolder, you will have to traverse through multiple levels in the folder hierarchy to find and remove them manually.
The interface is not optimized and can be a bit tricky to use
Some of the steps of the application can be performed in a bit of a glitchy manner. This is not a problem per se

System Requirements For Mwisoft D:

OS: Windows XP 64bit or later
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad
Memory: 4 GB RAM
OS: Windows 7 64bit or later
Processor: Intel Core i3 or later
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