MyNapster is a community of people devoted to sharing their creativity, information and ideas. MyNapster is now a hybrid application, incorporating features of Napster, IRC and Gnutella.
We’re working on distributing content such as eBooks from Project Gutenberg and Net Films via file-sharing technology.
In addition, MyNapster is actively pursuing ways to compensate the artists. Our web portal provides a gateway for users to find music, books and information.









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Let’s face it. For most people, a computer is a very big musical instrument. On the Internet, we can use it to share music – as simple as email. Let’s jump onto the Internet and start… /sigh/


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Syncopation is a social world of cinema where your opinions are your own and everything is up for grabs. Syncopation is a kind of club that invites you to experience new movies, share reviews and critique other movie-goers’ experiences (academia, academia), participate in discussions about film matters (meta-critique, meta-politics, sociology, economy, etc) and create personal profiles.
Syncopation invites you to go to the movies alone, in a group or with your friends, and to connect with your peers through a revolution of media.
Syncopation describes itself as a cinema-club and no more an online community, although the tools that the activity of Syncopation uses can be applied in other community settings (such as newsgroups, discussion forums, chat rooms, etc).
The site could be classified in the field of social networking, as it makes it possible for each user to form friendships, be involved with them and to create a profile in order to be recognized by others.
The ultimate goal of Syncopation is to generate a worldwide community of cinema-lovers, supporting each other and helping users to discover new films, and to reflect on what cinema means to them.

This is an alternative for Wavebird. No better way to determine who is on the Net. Use GroupWise for all your network needs. The only reason I started this site. It was created before I began using Wavebird.

I was just looking at file sharing using file-sharing programs. There isn’t anything better for e-book sharing for now. I keep Napster and MyNapster Crack so I can keep up with what is going on on the Net. I would like to add to the list with more than just Naps and MyNaps.

This site is dedicated to and designed to be a place where musicians can post their CDs, mp3s, etc. and share them with other musician friends and fans around the world. This is a one-stop-shop type site where you can find all of your fans music (both old and new) and keep track of what they are listening to and downloading. It’s free and you don’t need to register to browse the site.

Forum for the discussion of mobile phone integration into ITU. This forum is hosted on the ITU website.

Myspeak is a social community where people can interact through the use of mobile phones and other mobile devices to

MyNapster [32|64bit]

MyNapster is a social network and a
service for file sharing. It provides a link to artists and creators and
builds a community around them. Through a powerful social network, people
can contribute artwork, music, books, videos and other media, and see
what other people are producing.

NZGMusic is a project to get all the music from NZ’s audio labels (including independents) into a single, and as yet free, download site. My job is to enter the title and artist information for each song, then to write the tag for each, and upload the combined tracks to NZGMusic. There’s a lot of work, and a lot of experience in my involvement with NZGMusic!

Freebooksy is a review site for books on the Internet.
Hundreds of thousands of books are reviewed here every day, many of which are published by New Zealand publishers.
We cover a broad range of genres, including children’s books, business books, fiction and non-fiction.

Jellyfish is an innovative new kind of news aggregator. Not only is it highly interactive, but it also monitors news over time so that the community can quickly find out what is of interest to them as time progresses.

What is Mucav?
Mucav is an online community for children aged 3-6, with a special focus on the developing areas of vocabulary and communication. Currently in its early stages, Mucav’s design and features are evolving at a rapid rate, and its user base is increasing daily. A kid that learns a new word every day would have that word and the meaning in their vocabulary for months!

Elevenacre is the place where artists can express themselves on a variety of subjects by sending their thoughts to us. We then print it and put it in the local paper. Artists send us articles, ezines, tutorials and funny stories.

The ZeroFriends all started in a casual chatroom at IRC, developed by Carbon Copy, one of the first chatrooms in New Zealand.
The idea was simple – a friendly, non-serious chatroom where the aim was to help friends of friends get together for a chat in a web based format. We thought it could be fun to have an interactive community which could help meet people and make friends, where we could share ideas and interests.

Carbon Copy’s chatroom was set up in April 1996. Since that time it has evolved to the current beta stage of the

What’s New in the MyNapster?

NEW: Like others before him, Xiphos can read a P2P network but unlike others, he can route NAP packages! Using the authority to read/find files, Xiphos can transfer the files if the user is whitelisted in the Xiphos client’s whitelist!
Users will be pleased to know that they can search for files using Xiphos too! You can find files using the search feature from the Xiphos client, like one would do on Napster.

Napster is an application that allows two users on a Gnutella network to exchange audio, video, still and text files without requiring a central server. It is essentially a method for users to search for the files they are looking for on the network.

GOYA is an application in which an online directory of creative works is presented. File servers and consumers can search the directory from all over the world. By using digital rights management (DRM) based techniques, GOYA is able to offer a coherent and secure digital archive of creative works where copyright holders’ original permissions can be respected.

Protocolzero is a P2P platform that connects users of the Internet by offering them the tools and services necessary to build and share Internet applications. Protocolzero offers a client-server platform, protocol and service-based computing. Protocolzero client software is free to use and is coded in C# and Java.

ArenaNet is a game development company located in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1997, ArenaNet’s first release, Ultima Online, is a 3D massively multi-player online game and an award-winning title. Since then, the company has produced Ultima Online: Age of Reckoning, The Secret World, Guild Wars and its upcoming title, Guild Wars 2.

Founded in 2001, Jaxi is an entertainment software development company based in Sebastopol, California that develops software for recording and distribution of video games and other entertainment. Originally a publisher of video games, Jaxi has developed many highly successful software products, including Criterion titles The Word, Project Gotham Racing and Burnout 2: Point of Impact, as well as over 40 other games. Jaxi is currently developing Burnout Paradise.

SSEnetworks is a network of file sharing sites, also known as a website which has a list of shared file uploads. Registered users can upload files to the websites and have them accessible for those who search for them. The sites are

System Requirements For MyNapster:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 with a 3 GHz (or faster) Dual Core CPU or better.
Windows Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8 with a dual core CPU
Windows XP with less than 2 GB of memory (2 GB is recommended).
Windows XP with less than 1 GB of memory (1 GB is recommended).
Windows 7 and Windows 8 with less than 1 GB of memory (1 GB is recommended).
Processor: (2.0 GHz or higher)
Memory: (