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• Create and manipulate images using a raster image-editing application.

• The basic tools of Photoshop are the Brush, the Clone Stamp, Lasso tools, and the Selection tools.

• Photoshop also includes options to choose from and modify the number of processing steps.

• Photoshop makes it possible to save space by performing complicated image tasks in layers.

• Photoshop uses layers to facilitate the digital creation of complex images.

• Photoshop features many options for using basic image editing functions.

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3. Awesome Video Editing App

The Key Frame app is awesome video editing app by Apple for their iOS devices. You can apply a range of editing effects, including sharpening, color correction, and quick-action actions.

You will have access to a library of over 50 graphic elements. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best video editing apps for the iPhone.

4. Microsoft OneNote

For the Organizer, you need OneNote. It is a computer software, which has numerous features, many of which are important in business. You can use it for note taking, organization, and creating documents.

However, the most important feature of this app is its ability to offer you numerous templates. It has excellent templates for tracking planning, events, and meetings.

5. Emoji Master

This is the best emoji creator app. It is extremely easy to use. It allows you to create all the emojis you are missing. It is a must-have app for iPhone.

You can add emoji to texts or images. You can apply stickers to other images. A wide range of gestures are available.

6. Nuker (End of Life)

Nuker is one of the oldest games available for iPhone. It was released in 1997. This game is a physics simulation game. You can build an array of weapons and character parts.

Your array can have up to six parts. These parts are the arm, torso, legs, head, and bow. Each part has a range of movement.

7. Neat Video Editor

It allows you to produce videos on your iPhone. It has many tools, including the ability to combine images and videos. You can add transitions and animations.

You can also add graphics, change the speed, change the background color, and audio as well.

8. AirVideo

AirVideo is a video editor that is updated regularly. You can transfer videos to your phone, edit them, and then export them. You can add photos and do color correction.

The app contains a lot of features, even though it is free. It also allows you to add subtitles.

9. Carousel

This is a free app for photos. It is also called a carousel app. It enables you to create custom-made albums. You will be able to choose your photos, add a description, and add filters.

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Reference Request: Shannon’s Singular Channel Coding Theorem and Related Theorems

This was suggested to me by a fellow mathematician for a paper but I don’t know where to find any literature.
The following is the Shannon’s Singular Channel Coding Theorem (from The Coding Theory and Information Processing With Applications to Communications):
“The Coding Theorem: For every channel $W$ and every coding rule $c$: $d(W,c) \leq d(W,V)$”.
The Shannon’s Singular Channel Coding Theorem is just a specific instance of the Coding Theorem.
I’m interested in knowing of any generalizations, insights, and proofs of Shannon’s Singular Channel Coding Theorem, or other various channel coding theorems, such as the Coding Theorem (composition theorem in coding theory).
If anyone has any information or a link to literature, please answer here or put in a comment 🙂
Thank you for your time!
PS: I’m a pure mathematician, I have no background in communication theory, signal and information theory, physics, statistics, and other related areas. If anyone thinks this is an important topic in communication theory that would be great.


As far as I know, the theorem is due to Shannon. Here is a citation:

“A Singular Channel Coding Theorem”, Claude E. Shannon, The Bell System Technical Journal, pp. 280-304, 1948

I’ve also searched my memory of what I remember about this theorem (I’ve studied coding theory for some time, but I don’t have a strong background in mathematical theories) and found:

“Shannon’s Singular Channel Coding Theorem: A Brief Survey”, K. E. S. Szymanski, Communications, Control, and Computation, Vol. 8, pp. 73-77, 1998

It seems that the theorem is quite useful in the practice of coding theory, since it has a practical way to show how to achieve the best possible error rate (upper bound), given some constraints for the code length.
I have tried to illustrate the idea on a figure:

Also, see SIAM’s example of using the theorem in their book:

“The Coding Theory and Information Processing with Applications to Communications”, Claude E. Shannon and Warren A. Jacobs (SIAM, Philadelphia,

What’s New In?

The present invention relates generally to a method and apparatus for forming an integral composite molded part, such as a car seat. More particularly, the present invention relates to a method and apparatus for integrally forming a composite molded seat base adapted to be coupled with an upper portion.
Conventional methods of forming a composite molded part, such as the seat base for a motor vehicle seat, typically involve mounting a canvas or other fabric on a flat surface of a mold. Thereafter, a resilient urethane foam pad is placed over the fabric in a generally face-to-face position. The mold is then closed and closed fluids are injected therein, thereby forming a foam body around the fabric and forming the composite molded part. When the foam body is fully cured, the composite molded part is removed from the mold and the other elements of the seat, such as the shoulder supports, can be coupled thereto.
Although such methods are useful, in many instances it is desirable to take advantage of the shape of the foam pad. For example, it is oftentimes desirable to use the foam pad as a trim piece for the composite molded part. Unfortunately, most materials, such as foam, cannot be cut without leaving a ragged edge that is unacceptable to many consumers. More particularly, when foam is cut, the foam tends to curl or collapse at the cut edges. In many instances, the resulting curved foam is unacceptable and, therefore, cannot be used.
The present invention provides a method of forming a composite molded part for use on a vehicle, such as a motor vehicle. A method of forming the composite molded part includes the steps of providing a plurality of pads having a top side and a bottom side. The top side of the plurality of pads faces toward a top side of the mold, the bottom side of the plurality of pads is positioned over a bottom side of the mold, and the bottom side of the plurality of pads is positioned opposite a bottom side of the mold. The method further includes the steps of dispensing a wet foam pad to the top side of the plurality of pads, and curing the wet foam pad until a cured foam pad is formed. The method further includes the steps of feeding the mold, and positioning a top portion of the cured foam pad over the top side of the plurality of pads.
It is therefore one object of the present invention to provide a mold for forming a composite molded part.
It is another object of the present invention to provide a mold for forming a composite molded part, the mold having a plurality of

System Requirements For Photoshop CC 2014:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1 (x64-only)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz (or better)
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA 8600 GT, ATI Radeon 4850 or better
DirectX: Version 9.0c
OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1
Processor: Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5