Super Strong Poly Hay Tarp w/ D-Rings


The Tarp Nation Super-Strong Poly Hay Tarp is a very high grade 16.5mil poly material composed of a 12×12 weave.



  • It is UV coated on each side with a UV Inhibition rating of 540 KYL/70%.
  • This tarp is great for use as a hay cover, truck cover, short-haul trailer cover, boat cover, camping canopy, etc.
  • We sew Industrial Grade D-Rings with Heavy-Duty 4 layer patches every three feet for the best tie-down placement.
  • We join all panels together with state-of-the-art heat welding machines which makes the seams completely waterproof.
  • All hems are sewn with Industrial rated, rot-resistant thread and further strengthened with 3-ply Nylon rope inside.
  • Our Super Strong Poly Hay Tarp is 7oz/sq.yd., 1500 Denier and has a burst strength of 469 PSI.
  • Once again, this is NOT your typical “cheap blue poly” tarp material, this is high grade polyethylene.

All tarps are finish size and true to the dimensions stated. Let the Tarp Nation Super-Strong Poly Hay Tarp prove its worth to you today!

Lead time will be 10-15 business days this time of year.


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