The sCLOTHfix application was devloped to be a s simple Fashion fixer. This tool will fix the tint problem in the new 1.4.2 fashion items and will make it 1.3.6 compatible.
The program provides users with a simple interface, which makes it really easy to use: simply choose the source element or model, select the output location and that’s it. Transparency fix and backup options are also available.









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– Works with all models and sItem meshes
– Fix a lot of mesh lightsource tint problems
– Standard methods can be set with simple buttons on the dialog
– Simple interface, for experienced users
– Option to work as “transparency modifier” and fix whole range of light sources in model
– Option to work as “repeat modifier” and repair all source locations in a model
Q: Does this work with my favourite items?
A: Yes! The script was tested with all models we have on the site.
Q: How can I learn how to use this mod?
A: In about 30 seconds, if you are experienced with objects and meshes.
Q: Do you plan to add more models?
A: Yes. We have a great number of models and textures already created to test the script. We’ll add the new models to the selection soon.
Q: Can I copy and paste the.lua script?
A: No. It is a script and requires the lua interpreter.
Q: How do I make it transparent?
A: In the windows version, you can select the trasparency option on the options menu and that’s it. In the linux version, it requires you to modify the model in blender.
In the linux version, the method for fixing the transparency is more complicated, but that is for a new thread on the forums.
1. Open the archive.
2. Go to the downloads folder and extract the files.
3. Put the extracted folder in C:\Program Files\ or /program files/ depending on your operating system.
4. Run the script.
sCLOTHfix was developed for an item pack named Fashion Fix. We’ve made it into a standalone program, but you still need Fashion Fix for the fixes to work.
-sCLOTHfix fixin a model

sCLOTHfix fixing the model in Fashion Fix

1. Open the archive.
2. Go to the downloads folder and extract the files.
3. Put the extracted folder in C:\Program Files\ or /program files/ depending on your operating system.

SCLOTHfix Crack+ Free Download PC/Windows 2022

– Macros provided to make the application even easier to use:
– easy selection of models/items (pressing the Space Bar key twice), then simply press the macro button on your keyboard to highlight the item/model and press space bar key to select.
– change the tints of items/models using the Delete Key or SHIFT Key + Delete Key options, press the macro button and it will do the magic of tint your item/model to the given color.
– Macro Modification: You may choose to modify one of the provided macros and that of all models and items in the process of being tinted by a new color.

Keyboard Shortcuts and Macros:
Use Shift + SpaceBar to select the models or items, use the Delete key or Shift+Delete to tint the item/model or use one of the provided keyboard shortcuts to tint an item/model (1.4.2 fashion items only).

This application is intended to be used with the following Fashion Editor application:
Keymacro Fashion Editor, the application used to export the models of the Fashion Editor application:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
1)How to fix the tint of a model/item:
– in the Fashion Editor, right click on the model/item and use the available options or simply press the space bar key to select the model/item, press the Shift key + Delete key to fix the tint of a model/item
– or use the available options and in case you want to tint all of the models/items of the app in a single click, use the Shift + SpaceBar to select the models/items, press the Shift key + Delete key to fix the tint of all the models/items.

2) How to export models/items in a certain color?
– When tinting an item/model, press the SpaceBar key to select it and it will display its tint color, press the SpaceBar key again to export the model/item. In this case, the actual color is not used, so the exported model/item will have the default tint color of the model/item, so you need to enter the new tint color you wish to apply to your model/

SCLOTHfix [Updated]

sCLOTHfix app is a s fashion fixer and make sCLOTH items 1.4.2 compatible.The input file is a.clothing2 xml text file.

The following are the main features of sCLOTHfix App
1.Fix tint color problem and make it 1.3.6 compatible.
2.Make transparent items transparent and make the original item alpha 100%
3.Save the output file as.clothing2 format, the original file format is.clothing2.
4. Make 1.4.2 items transparent and 1.3.6 compatible.
5.Every item can have it’s own.clothing2 format, so you can create a different output file for each item.
6. Keep it’s size in 0,0 position.

You can browse to the sCLOTHfix directory to see the sCLOTHfixApp application and the sCLOTHfixa.txt text file.

This is a small sCLOTHfix application that will fix all of the sCLOTH items to make them compatible with version 1.4.2.

All of the sCLOTHfix data is saved as a.clothing2 format, so that the new items will be transparent and compatible with version 1.3.6.

You can choose to fix tint colors, make them transparent and/or make all the sCLOTH1.4.2 items transparent and make them compatible with sCLOTH1.3.6.

This utility is a universal application, that will fix all sCLOTH items.

At the time of this writing, the current version of sCLOTHfix is 1.00, and as far as I know, this is the last official version of sCLOTHfix. But if you have sCLOTHfix 1.00 and want to upgrade, it should work fine.

How to install sCLOTHfix

Download the application from the link below and install it.

How to use sCLOTHfix

This sCLOTHfix utility will create the sCLOTHfix folder in the sCLOTH folder.

The sCLOTHfix a.txt file is located in the sCLOTHfix directory.

The sCLOTHfix application will create.clothing2 output files in the new sCLOTHfix folder.

The.clothing2 format is saved in the format of the source

What’s New in the SCLOTHfix?

Our version of this App, sCLOTHfix 1.2, fixes the tint problem and allows the Fashion fix to work with textures, materials and all of the new features found in the 1.4.2 patch. This App works with all sFashion 1.3.6 items, and we even provide a line of tags that can fix problems automatically.

The sCLOTHfix app allows you to fix the tint problem on all of the new 1.4.2 fashion items, but it does require manual work. If you are not a programmer, this app can be really confusing.

The sCLOTHfix App is simple to use:

System Requirements For SCLOTHfix:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3 or better
Memory: 2GB RAM or more
Graphics: Intel HD 3000 or better
Storage: 2GB available space
How to Play:
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1. Click “Install Game” button at the bottom of the website and install the game.
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