StudioLine Photo Pro is a photo management and editing application tailored for network use, allowing administrators to create multiple user profiles and assign them different access permissions. It can handle large image collections and enables you to share them with other users in the network.
Extensive image management functions
The modern-looking interface provides one-click access to all the options, while the integrated 'Load Assistant' enables you to easily import images from the local computer or a mobile device.
For your convenience, the assistant can be instructed to automatically organize the loaded photos, create subfolders for each category and rename images in the process. The structure of your new image archive is displayed in tree-view, for easier navigation, providing sorting and color-based marking options.
Fine tuning of photos
There are various options for enhancing images according to one's preferences, as well as filter presets that can be applied to multiple photo sets. StudioLine Photo Pro enables you to make adjustment to highlights, midtones and shadows, set the white balance, modify luminance, color channels and other settings.
Image sharing and exporting capabilities
Photo collections can be easily exported to a specific folder or a CD / DVD, a KML file with thumbnails, sent via e-mail or uploaded to flickr. Alternatively, you can print them on paper, generate slideshows, include them in an image gallery for web publishing or in collage, for easier viewing.
Photo management, editing and sharing in a network
StudioLine Photo Pro bundles a generous set of functions in a single package, allowing the easy management of graphic files in a network.
It comes with backup, sharing and editing functionality, while enabling network administrators to grant additional rights to some users in the network, while limiting the permission policy for others.









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Imagine your iPad or iPhone as a powerful photo editing and sharing station that you can access anywhere, via a Wi-Fi connection. Then, imagine that you could do all this in a completely elegant manner, while not sacrificing convenience. The Cloud Photo Studio app does just that.

The app brings powerful photo editing and sharing features to a smaller device, without having to bring along a full-size photo editing suite or computer. Store your images in the Cloud, and start editing and sharing from any Wi-Fi network. The app also features an intuitive user interface that makes the features easy to understand and learn.

The Cloud Photo Studio App Features:

Clean, modern user interface.

Import your images from the Cloud.

Share images from your iPad to friends.

Take photos and browse images on the Cloud.

Create collages.

Share images via email.

Save photos to the Cloud.

Create custom email filters.

Select from a variety of filters and presets.

Select your photo editing style.

Select your photo sharing format.

Create custom images, collages and save images to the Cloud.

The app allows you to edit images from your iPad or iPhone and share them to Facebook or Twitter. You can also create collages, save images to the Cloud, and set custom email filters.

The app has lots of filters, including presets, filters, actions, and more. You can also create your own images, collages, and share them on social media. The app is well-designed and easy to use.

Version 2.1 includes features like HD Photo, Local Photo, and more. Version 1.0.2 allows users to add images from Google Drive. Version 1.0.3 adds the ability to apply edits to multiple images.

Cloud Photo Studio for iOS is a free app that lets you edit and share photos from your iPhone or iPad. This app has a modern design and simple to use features. The app was designed specifically for your iPad or iPhone, so it is optimized for touch screen use.

Version 2.0.2 of the app includes the ability to edit images in landscape mode and set your photo editing styles. Version 2.0.3 allows you to import photos from Google Drive. Version 2.0.4 allows you to share your creations to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Version 2.0.5 adds Photo Message and Photo Retouch features.

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The editor can create simple macro actions, such as cut, copy, paste and resize. You can also modify actions, such as auto rotate or zoom in/out, apply effects, rotate, create self-animating actions, etc. The macro application can be triggered from keyboard, mouse or a USB drive. You can also save the macro actions in the system for later use.
Additional features:
KeyMacro is a powerful professional image editor with a very useful feature set. KeyMacro supports all major file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF and RAW. You can edit your images without converting them to other formats. If you know how to use a keyboard, then you can take advantage of the editor’s keyboard shortcuts. With KeyMacro, you can also convert images in batch mode.

PhotoForge Deluxe is a powerful, easy to use image editor and Web development tool. It is designed for home and professional users, small and medium-sized businesses and is suitable for use in schools, universities, Web sites and multimedia presentations.
You can use PhotoForge Deluxe to create multiple image projects for printing on your own printer, including sending to Kodak Digital Photo Imaging web site to order the prints. Projects can be set up and sent to the Kodak Web site at any time from within the application and you can track the status of your order at any time from within the application.
Full featured image editor
PhotoForge Deluxe has advanced image editing tools that allow you to enhance, correct, fix, resize, rotate, crop, convert, adjust levels, rotate, flip, and erase images. You can use the full range of Photoshop® filters, such as Lens correction, Adjustment layers, and more.
Web Development Tools
PhotoForge Deluxe has powerful HTML, JavaScript, Flash and XML development features. You can easily create fully interactive Web pages and Web applications with WYSIWYG web design or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for web page design, and image insertion and animation for Web pages.
Each project is a single image or a set of images. Projects can contain still images or movies and can be linked to an area on your Web site, or a section of a Web site. Projects are created in a single click in the project view.
Status bar
When a project is set to an image, you can monitor the progress of the job, the status of your project and your files in the project. If you need to stop

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StudioLine Photo Pro is an excellent tool for photo management and editing. Manage large image collections with ease.
It has an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, which is well-customized to fit the desktop environment, providing a broad set of photo management functions.
The Photo Assistant makes importing images a breeze. The built-in Wizard will help you import and organize your photos with one click.
Photoshopping is simple with the smooth and accurate camera-like controls, and the included filters make altering photos look fun.
Image sharing is quick and easy with photo sets created in the program can be exported to CD/DVD, KML files with thumbnails, sent via email or uploaded to flickr.
Network administrators can easily customize the permissions for certain users, while allowing others to take advantage of different rights.
Everything done in StudioLine Photo Pro can be saved and exported to CD/DVD, a KML file with thumbnails, sent via email or uploaded to flickr.
The powerful Sql View Diff tool and incremental backup create a hidden copy of your collections while improving your system security.

Capture One Pro 6 Review | Photo & Video | C1 Studio

If you still want to download capture one from the App store but the link doesnt work, you can go here:

Capture one is an imaging RAW converter. It can import a wide variety of camera raw files from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Pentax and other cameras and also can save your photos and videos in high quality in RAW format. It can work as a standalone application and also can import and export easily in Aperture, Lightroom, and other software.
In this review, we will show you how to import photos and videos in capture one and edit them.
How do I import photos or videos into capture one?
Step 1: Import photos or videos into Aperture
Step 2: Import your photos into capture one
How to import photos in capture one
1: Open Aperture and choose File > Import > Capture One
2: Choose your file and click Open
3: In the Import window, choose Raw (CR2) and click Open
4: Wait for the import process to complete and your photos will be imported to your capture one library
How to export photos or videos in capture one
1: Open Aperture

What’s New In?

StudioLine Photo Pro is a photo management and editing application tailored for network use, allowing administrators to create multiple user profiles and assign them different access permissions. It can handle large image collections and enables you to share them with other users in the network.

For the first time in MS Office for Mac 2011, MS Word and PowerPoint integrate File Open and Save dialog boxes with the Mac OS X Finder. This means that the document or presentation you are working on is now in sync with the contents of the computer file system, regardless of where it is located. In addition, the previous Office Ribbon menus are replaced by a new control panel, and menus have been redesigned to reflect the user interface on the Mac. This release also supports the Microsoft Wireless Display Connection Technology for the Apple iPad, as well as new Office Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch. For a complete list of changes and new features, see the Change Log, available at You can download and try the Office for Mac 2011 RTM (Release to Manufacturing) version, including Office Mobile for iPhone, here:
If you have a document in the Mac ’s native document format, such as Pages documents, the import process is as easy as drag and drop. In addition, the new dialogs support the following file formats: Pages. pb, Word documents created with Word for Mac 2011. docx, Pages. pb, PowerPoint presentations created with PowerPoint for Mac 2011. pptx, and.pdf files. The Office for Mac 2011 software can read files in.odt and OpenOffice Documents format. However, this new functionality does not work for all types of files. If you have documents that are not natively supported by Office for Mac 2011, or that are not supported by the documents you wish to import, you can use third-party tools to import these files into your document. For example, you can use the free Mac document-conversion software, TextWrangler, to perform text-conversion tasks. You can download TextWrangler from Another alternative is the free PDF software PDFUnite. You can download PDFUnite from
Office for Mac 2011 also allows you to open and save files to a network shared drive, enabling you to share documents on a network, regardless of where they are located. You can view a list of shared drives at File Open and File Save dialog boxes.
Office Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch. You can use Office Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch to edit files that you have stored on your Mac and sync them to your iPhone or iPod

System Requirements:

OS: Windows® 7, Windows® 8, or Windows® 10
Windows® 7, Windows® 8, or Windows® 10 CPU: Intel® Core™ i3 or AMD Phenom
Intel® Core™ i3 or AMD Phenom RAM: 4GB
4GB Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750 or ATI Radeon HD 7850
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750 or ATI Radeon HD 7850 DirectX: Version 11
Version 11 Storage: 5GB available space
5GB available space Video: 1280×720 resolution
Latest G