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Yahoo Messenger Archive Reader Crack+ License Key Free

Yahoo Messenger is probably the most widely used instant messaging client, but its default message history is inaccessible to other programs such as IrfanView and Adobe Reader.
GadgetChef is the application for you to get all Yahoo messenger message history back into your local computer. Gadgetchef is specially designed to search the chat logs in messenger in a batch.
Key features of Gadgetchef:
1. Full access to all Yahoo messenger data.
2. Free and faster to use.
3. Messages from other yahoo accounts.
4. Offline messenger.
5. User friendly interface.
6. Search messages history in a batch.
7. Save messages history into a file on your PC.
(c) 2013 Gadgetchef Ltd. All rights reserved.
Gadgetchef is a registered trademark of Gadgetchef Ltd.
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Yahoo Messenger is a free Instant messaging client from the Yahoo! corporation. Yahoo Messenger works with all Microsoft operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8. The application allows you to send instant messages, voice mails, and video messages. It is a very popular Instant messaging client and is used to send emails, text messages, and instant messages. Using the Yahoo Messenger application you can keep in touch with friends, co-workers, family members, and can receive various emails. Yahoo Messenger uses a proprietary protocol called YMSG, an early version of the proprietary protocol used to provide text and voice messaging services to the Facebook Messenger application. It was released as a client-side solution using a Java-based development platform for Windows devices and was fully integrated with Windows operating systems.
The application is a free download from Yahoo’s official website and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Windows platform. The application comes pre-installed on the Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems. The application works with Microsoft Windows 8 operating system as well. The Microsoft Windows 7 operating system is the latest version of the popular Microsoft operating system. The application is compatible with the most recent versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems.
Yahoo Messenger’s functionality and features are listed below:
1. Instant Messaging: You can send instant messages to

Yahoo Messenger Archive Reader Download PC/Windows

You need to be a member of Yahoo! Messager to download this software
Downloads: 10000 – 10000 (100%)
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/// Copyright (c) 2007-2015 Mero Zerbes, Jesse Wittbrodt
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Yahoo Messenger Archive Reader Crack + Free Download

This application will help you read your Yahoo! Messenger chat history.
The Yahoo! Messenger archive is a unique feature of the Yahoo! Messenger client that allows you to see all of your conversations, including the old ones.
With Yahoo! Messenger Archive Reader, you don’t have to manually sort through your chat history; it will search through all of your conversations for you and display them in a nice archive format.
You can access your archived messages in two ways.
Method 1:
Type a search word in the “Search” field. This search will be executed against all of the messages in your chat archive.
Method 2:
Select a particular conversation from the “Conversation” list. This will display all of the messages in the selected conversation.
If you don’t want to read messages that are older than one month, or you want to display your archived messages in a different manner (you can choose the encoding types), choose an alternate archive format.
If you are not comfortable with the “Search” field, you can always use the “Edit” option to edit the search phrase and then start a new search.
You also have the option to hide personal messages from the archive. If you haven’t received any messages from the person you are viewing the archive of, you can choose to hide all messages sent by them or you can choose to hide only the new messages, of which the most recent one would be displayed.
If the person you are viewing the archive of has send you a message, that message will be highlighted, so you can easily identify it.
Click on the downloaded archive file to run it. Select “Run”, which will begin the installation process. Click on “Install” to finish the installation.
When the application boots, a window comes out and displays the following error message, “The serial number of the original program has expired. To continue, you must uninstall the program and reinstall it.”
This application is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP.
Compatible with Windows XP & Vista
Pretty interface
Extensive number of archive formats
If you like this program, please visit the Yahoo! Messenger Dev Resource Center:
You can download Yahoo! Messenger Archive Reader by clicking the link below:

If you need any help

What’s New In?

Yahoo! Messenger is a web-based instant messaging service owned by Yahoo! Inc. and it is used by millions of people worldwide. This versatile product comes with a feature that allows its users to view all the archived and unsent messages that they have sent. The name of this feature is Y!M Archiver. It uses the backup facility for all the messages created by users in Yahoo Messenger and keeps them for 30 days. The application can be used offline. The backup is password-protected and can only be viewed by the user. But you can use this program to create your own personal archive of your Y!M messages as well as to read them.
Yahoo! Messenger Archiver allows you to choose between Rich Text Format (RTF) and HTML as your preferred file format and more importantly, it comes with a well designed interface. The application will allow you to choose the contacts you wish to view the messages from and you can also access the conversation overview and the messages box with all the saved messages (new and old). The read and unread status of messages can be displayed as well.
Yahoo! Messenger Archiver offers all the features that Yahoo Messenger is famous for. It can be used in both browsers as well as in standalone or IM clients like AOL Instant Messenger. A problem that was acknowledged with the application, however, is the inability to use it in a screen reader, so if you use Yahoo Messenger in conjunction with screen reader, you may not be able to read any of your Yahoo messages.
Additional features of this tool include the following:
1.View all the message archives created in Yahoo Messenger.
2.Use all the message archives created in Yahoo Messenger to create personal archives.
3.Read all the message archives created in Yahoo Messenger without the need of being logged in.
4.Backup, restore, read, edit, edit and delete the message archives created in Yahoo Messenger.
5.Unsaved and saved messages are displayed in a list.
6.The application saves all the message archives into the Yahoo! Messenger account and into the local drive.
7.Make your own archives of the messages in Yahoo Messenger.
8.View the contacts saved as contacts in Yahoo Messenger.
9.Search through the archives in Yahoo Messenger.
10.Support for all the IM protocols like Y!M, AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, IRIX, IRC and more.
11.The option to delete your personal archives.

System Requirements:

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