18oz Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp with D-Rings


  • Heavy Duty 18oz Canvas
  • Water, Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Industrial Strength, Rustproof D-Rings, 2-3 foot spacing.
  • Durable webbing
  • Double Lock-Stitched
  • Rot-proof thread
  • Treated with Canvak – the industry standard
  • Made in the USA by us, not a third party!
  • Due to COVID-19 and the sheer number of orders this season, our manufacturing lead time will be up to 25-30 days before shipment.


We sew industrial strength, D-rings and webbing onto four layer patches every 2′-3′, therefore providing extreme reliability and peace of mind. Our D-rings are rustproof and durable. We source our webbings from Tennessee Webbing Products, a great American company in Knoxville, TN.

We use the very best thread from Champion Threads in Gastonia, NC. Polyester?thread is the most versatile choice for industrial sewing. With the strength of nylon plus UV and mildew resistance, this construction will certainly keep our tarps protecting you through the heaviest?of winds and rain.

Not only are our canvas tarps heavy duty, but we also construct them with 100% Cotton. Talk about a natural and sustainable product! Keep in mind, these tarps are susceptible to small size fluctuations in certain climates, and considering this we do not recommend them for over-the-road hauling. If that is your need, we suggest our Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps.

We use only the top shelf in water, mold, and mildew protection from Buckeye Fabric Finishing in Coshocton, OH on our Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps. This protective coating ranks as one of the best in the industry and has a unique military smell that takes you back in time. Unfortunately, this smell dissipates quickly outdoors but the protection lives on!

Our Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps with D-rings are built to the highest specs and are therefore made to last. Components of these canvas tarps include rustproof D-Rings in the hem that are reinforced with durable 4-layer canvas patches. Patches prevent the D-Rings from pulling out due to high winds or strap overload, as a result, extending the life of your D-ring tarp considerably. We use commercial grade rot-resistant thread to double chain stitch each panel together. Every hem is Rope Reinforced and double lock stitched for the very best durability. We treat all of our canvas tarps with?Canvak water, mold, and mildew treatment. Resulting in making industrial grade and most importantly weather resistant tarps. Our breathable canvas tarps with d-rings let moisture out keeping your valuables dry in addition to rust free. Add up all of these features and you get a top-rated heavy canvas tarp!

This Heavy Duty Canvas tarps with d-rings has many uses around the home, construction site, farm or wherever you need to keep valuables covered. With Old School construction and reliability, it’s hard to beat a Tarp Nation canvas tarp with d-rings.

At Tarp Nation, we proudly make all our tarps in the USA!

Lead time will be 5-10 business days this time of year.


Extra Components That Make This Tarp Great!

One of the greatest features of a canvas tarp is that it doesn’t trap moisture and heat. The breathable quality of a canvas tarp is extremely helpful in protecting your valuables from not only moisture but also heat.
Hems & Seems
All hems are double lock stitched and every panel seam is double chain stitched for a significantly superior hold.


What’s with Cut Size and Finish Size?

The Cut Size of a tarp is the size of the material when it is being cut. After all of the hems and seams are made the overall tarp size will be smaller, typically 3-5%.
The Finish Size of a tarp is the actual size after all hems and seams are made.

Things to know about your new tarp

Although very strong, we do not recommend this tarp for highway travel. Since this is a need for some we recommend our Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps.

Your canvas tarp can be re-treated with Canvak,?as a result, providing years of service and durability.

This canvas tarp is not fire resistant and therefore will burn if brought into contact with flames.

Need a custom size you don’t see? Give us a call or message us and we will custom make you the perfect tarp!


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