Tarp Nation Products

Tarp Nation is a Midwest manufacturer of canvas, vinyl, poly and mesh tarps. We make the awesome tarps that we sell at reasonable prices. Supplying custom canvas tarps, specialty vinyl covers, and everything in between is what we take pride in everyday. We look forward to helping you with your tarp needs both now and in the future.

Products - Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps

Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps

Our canvas tarps are made with 100% industrial-grade cotton and the very best thread, ensuring protection of your property through the heaviest of winds and rain.

Products - Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps

Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps

Tarp Nation’s Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps are rip-stop, abrasion, chemical, and puncture resistant, making them rugged and durable for all of your tarp needs.

Products - Flame Resistant Tarps

Flame Resistant Tarps

Tarp Nation’s Flame Resistant Tarps are CPA184 certified, double lock stitched with rot resistant thread, and treated with Canvak and Fire Retardant.

Products - High Strength Mesh Tarps

High Strength Mesh Tarps

Tarp Nation’s High Strength Mesh Tarps are UV resistant, sewn with rot-proof thread, and woven to 65% shade resistance. Perfect for trucks hauling gravel, gardens and more.

Products - Heavy Duty Poly Tarps

Heavy Duty Poly Tarps

Our Heavy Duty Poly Tarpsare made with rustproof brass grommets, durable D-rings or strong seatbelt handles, allowing you to tie down your tarp with ease.

Products - Flame Resistant Tarps


At Tarp Nation, we proudly sell Canvak canvas protectant, rubber tarp straps, tie-downs, patch kits and more to keep your tarps protected for years to come.