Tarp Nation

The highest quality tarps made in the USA
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Tarp Nation

The highest quality tarps made in the USA
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Welcome to Tarp Nation

Tarp Nation has been the #1 leader in tarp manufacturing for decades. When you buy from us, you are buying factory direct.  The absolute best, American made heavy-duty canvas and vinyl, high-strength mesh, and super-strong poly tarpaulins in the industry.

  • Heavy Duty Poly Tarp with seat belt handles

    Super Strong Poly Hay Tarp

  • Heavy Duty Silver/Black Poly tarp

    Heavy Duty Silver/Black Poly Tarp

  • Canvas Tarp with Grommets

    18oz Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp – Reinforced Grommets

  • heavy duty canvas tarp

    18oz Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp with D-Rings

  • Canvas Tarp with d-rings

    18oz Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp with D-Rings & Corner Grommets

  • Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp

    18oz Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp – Water Resistant

  • heavy duty vinyl tarp

    22oz Heavy Duty Vinyl Coated Tarp w/Grommets

  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps

    18oz Heavy Duty Vinyl Coated Tarp w/Grommets

  • Landscaping, batting cages, and boat slips.

    High Strength Mesh Tarp


Have hay and equipment to cover?

Our super strong, UV resistant, easy-to-install tarps with seat belt handles are great for covering hay, equipment, or anything you might need to protect on your farm or business

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Tarp for RV storage

Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps

All of our Heavy Duty Vinyl tarps are made right here in the USA. Choose from our 10oz, 14oz, 18oz, or 22oz weights and let us help you get the job done.

Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps

The classic American Made tarps that started it all. Choose one of our 16oz, 18oz, or 21oz canvas tarps and finally stop saying “They don’t make’em like they used to.”
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Sealants, Patch Kits & Accessories

It takes more than just throwing your tarp over your valuables and calling it done. Take a look at all of our tarp accessories to keep your tarp tied down and protected for years to come!

For every new season, there are new projects

Avoid Getting Burned— View Fire Resistant Products

Renovating? Use a Hall Runner to save your floors

Tarp Sealants, Canvas & Vinyl Patch Kits, and much more!