Super Strong Poly Hay Tarp


The Tarp Nation Super-Strong Poly Hay Tarp is a very high grade 16.5mil poly material composed of a 12×12 weave.



  • It is UV coated on each side with a UV Inhibition rating of 540 KYL/70%.
  • This tarp is great for use as a hay cover, truck cover, short-haul trailer cover, boat cover, camping canopy, etc.
  • We sew load rated 6″ seatbelt handles into the hem every 4′ with Heavy-Duty 4 layer patches for the best tie-down and securing placement.
  • We join all panels together with state-of-the-art heat welding machines which makes the seams completely waterproof.
  • All hems are sewn with Industrial rated, rot-resistant thread and further strengthened with 3-ply Nylon rope inside.
  • Our Super-Strong Poly Hay Tarp is 7oz/sq.yd., 1500 Denier and has a burst strength of 469 PSI.

All tarps are finish size and true to the dimensions stated. Let the Tarp Nation Super-Strong Poly Hay Tarp prove its worth to you today!

Lead time will be 10-15 business days this time of year.

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